Get true HD television at 1080p, superior picture, superior sound. Drop in our main office and test our demo TV.

We offer 3 packages to best suit your needs.

Premier TV


Enjoy over 190 channels, includes HD channels. (View the channel listing).

Includes 1 FREE HD (high-definition) set-top box

Enhanced TV


Benefits of Premier TV + 4 theme packs

Includes 1 FREE HD (high-definition) set-top box

Ultimate TV


The ultimate in viewing options. Enjoy over 300 channels.

Includes all Premier TV channels + all 8 theme packs

Includes 1 FREE HD (high-definition) set-top box

Channel Listing

Click on the link to view the channel listing.

The Skinny theme pack is available with the Skinny Bundle or the Skinny Phone & Digital TV Bundle only. Learn more

Standalone channels can be added to any package for $3.00 per channels.

Theme package

Enjoy the selection of channels. You can add or remove Theme Packs with a simple phone call.

Click on a theme pack to view the channels.

Set-top box

Our setup box is optimized for digital video broadcast and streaming media services, both boxes can be combined to make use of Whole Home technology.

HD Set-top box

Our High Definition Set-top box will support all our channel packages and can be integrated with Whole Home technology

First HD Set-top box is FREE

For each additional box


HD DVR Set-top box

Record over 400 hrs in standard definition (SD) or over 200 hrs in high definition (HD).

Record 3 channels simultaneously or watch one and record 2 channels

Energy efficient with DeepSleep™ to reduce power consumption up to 99% in standby mode

Monthly fee


You can download the instruction guides for our products CTS-DigitalTV_Guide.pdf. To open this document, you will need a PDF reader, if you do not have a PDF reader, you can download and install Adobe Reader for free by clicking here.

Whole Home DVR

As the name suggests, with Whole Home DVR all set top boxes in the household can record programs and view live or pre-recorded shows from any room in the house at no extra charge. You can also stop a recorded program in one room and continue watching it in another.

You can set a recording from any connected set top box in the household, not just the DVR. You will need one DVR in the household because it actually does the recording and storing functions for all the non-DVR set top boxes.

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